How A Mistake Generates Over 22k In Sales In A Week

Last month, I was developing an email marketing campaign for one of our Agency clients, a company with over 19 years of existence and a nacional reference in industrial equipments market.

This campaign was meant to be a proposal follow up. Our goal was to present new sales conditions for business closure and our target, less than 50 contacts.

However, due to a human error (my bad…) this campaign was sent to a list with more then 8.500 contacts. An hour latter i received a call from my client telling me that something was wrong.

By that time, the company allready received a dozen of emails from unhappy people complaining about the “spammy” tecnique, because they never asked or received any sales proposal.

As you can imagine, at this time I was sweating bullets and extremely embarassed of my “rookie” mistake.

After breathing and thinking for a few minutes, I call back our client and told him that the best thing to do was to send an apologize email, explaining what happened was a sincere mistake and his company truly regrets any inconvenient caused.

Despite all this situation, I was very lucky because my client team was very compreensive and supporting.

Now, comes the interesting part…

In the next day, we received a ton of emails from people who got the campaign unduly saying that they understood, that everyone makes mistakes and by the way they would also like to get more information about this campaign.

That week, our client made 22.000 € in sales, generating more than 387.000 € in sales opportunity and proposals!

It’s foreseeable that in the next coming weeks the conversion ratio rise at least to 1%,  close to 40K.

With this experience I forced myself to remember that we are always “speaking” with another person at the end of the other screen. Sending an apologize email made our client’s brand more human in a clear demonstration of honest and humble values.

It turned out to bring people closer and increase the level of confidence, meaning that the people wo are interested in purchasing industrial equipment, reduced the level of purchasing risk and this helps closing deals.

And remember: things do not always end in a bad way, good things can come from a error! Hope you enjoy this blog post, I’ve had a lot of fun sharing with you this crazy experience.

Artigo originalmente publicado no blog da Emailbidding a 03 de Novembro de 2016

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